Wedding Items to Rent!

Wedding Items to Rent! There are a lot of expenses when planning a wedding. There are the “needed“ expenses, such as having a venue, food, …

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outdoor wedding rehearsal

How to Run a Wedding Rehearsal!

Weddings are joyous occasions and having a wedding coordinator, can eliminate the stress that you don’t need when you are starting a new life with someone. This should be the …

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bridesmaids holding bouquet of flowers

Will Weddings Ever Go Back to Normal? Expert Predictions for Events in a Post-COVID World

Much has changed since the onset of the global pandemic, especially how we celebrate momentous occasions in life, from birthday gatherings and holiday get-togethers to religious …

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Table Linen

Make your tables look like a showpiece using our floor-length tablecloths. We offer a variety of colors and sizes, prints, and textures from our in-house design collection, and don’t forget about your cocktail tables, cake table, and welcome table when choosing the suitable                 linen for your tables.