Creativity and Personalization

Ambrosia Events believes in two core elements for successful events : Creativity and Personalization.
We listen to your needs and custom create particular events incorporating your specific parameters.

Full event services

We offer full event services with set-up, delivery, and collection of rentals on site for large orders. However, if you are hosting a smaller event we also offer self pick-up in our store. You can pick and choose what services you want and customize our services to best serve your needs!

What to expect

New clients have a FREE initial consultation. In this meeting we discuss the budget, design elements for the event.
We will first begin by asking you your budget range and theme/design ideas. We have flexibility about size, scale, quantities, and varieties of materials to use, and knowing your style and budget helps us put together the best proposal for you.


We can look for images together or use inspiration you brought from events.
We will discuss the logistics of the event depending on the theme/design. We can talk about the different blooms and foliages,shapes, trends,number of guests, delivery/set-up,among other details.

Any event size

Our pricing depends primarily on the size of your event, the quantity of people and the amount of services you will be acquiring from us. However, we will always keep your budget as our main priority.