Renting Plates for Wedding

When planning a wedding, the devil is, indeed, in the details. Every element matters, from the flower arrangements right down to the table settings. Plates, specifically, are one of those details that tend to be overlooked, but they can dramatically influence the aesthetics of your reception. They are, after all, one of the first things guests notice when they sit down to dine.

So, are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of wedding plates rental? Let’s get started!

Why Rent Plates for a Wedding?

The choice to rent plates for a wedding can be driven by many factors.

Firstly, renting is often a more cost-effective option than buying, particularly if you’re hosting a large gathering. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on exquisite china that you’ll use only once.

Secondly, renting plates contributes to sustainability efforts. Reusing high-quality tableware reduces waste, making your wedding a bit more eco-friendly.

Lastly, the variety! Renting opens up a realm of design possibilities. You’ll find plates in all materials, styles, and patterns that perfectly align with your wedding theme.

Types of Wedding Plates for Rent

Ah, variety, the spice of life, especially when it comes to wedding plates!

The most common types of plate materials include China, Glass, Melamine, and Biodegradable options. Each brings a unique aesthetic to the table—pun intended!

China is the epitome of elegance and tradition, while Glass plates can range from ornate and vintage to sleek and modern. Melamine offers durability with a surprising array of sophisticated designs. For eco-conscious couples, Biodegradable plates provide guilt-free disposability with a stylish twist.

Patterns and styles, too, are abundant! Vintage designs transport your guests to a bygone era. Modern styles keep things fresh and current. Rustic plates pair well with barn weddings or outdoor events. And for those with a specific vision, Themed plates can be a fun addition.

Factors to Consider When Renting Wedding Plates

Renting plates for a wedding isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest ones. There are several factors to take into account.

Guest Count: Know your numbers! Make sure you rent enough plates to cater to all your guests, with a few extras just in case.

Rental Service: Not all rental services are created equal. Look for reputable companies with positive reviews and clear, fair rental policies.

Wedding Theme & Colors: Your plates should complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Pay attention to how the plates’ design and color will blend with your chosen theme and palette.

Pricing & Payment Terms: Understand the cost, deposit requirements, and payment schedule. Also, inquire about charges for breakage or loss.

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How to Rent Plates for a Wedding

So, you’ve made the decision to rent plates for your wedding. Now what? Let’s walk through the process together.

  • Research rental companies in your area. Look for those with good reputations and comprehensive service offerings.
  • Visit the rental showroom to see the plates in person. Pictures may not do justice to the true colors and quality of the plates.
  • Negotiate the terms of the rental agreement. Don’t forget to clarify policies about pick-up, return, and damage liabilities.
  • Place your order, ensuring to include extra plates in case of unexpected guests or accidents.
  • Arrange for pick-up or delivery, and plan for the return of the items after the event
  • Inspect the plates upon arrival. If there are any issues, notify the rental company immediately.

Charger Plates: Elevating Your Table Setting

Charger plates are more than just a base for your dinnerware. These large, decorative plates frame your table settings, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your event. Though not typically used for serving food, they play a vital role in retaining the warmth of dishes and protecting the tablecloth from spills.


Charger plates come in an array of materials like glass, china, metal, wood, and rattan. The choice aligns with your wedding’s theme and style. For instance, glass and china chargers suit a formal setting, metallic ones add a modern flair, and wooden or rattan chargers are perfect for a rustic vibe.


At Ambrosia Events, we provide an extensive selection of charger plates for rent, perfectly suited to your unique wedding theme. From formal elegance to rustic charm, we’ve got your tables covered!


Remember, the right charger plates should complement your overall decor and color scheme. Consider them part of a beautiful ensemble rather than a solo act. When combined with our other rental offerings, charger plates can truly elevate your table settings, adding an extra touch of elegance to your special day.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Plates for a Wedding

Renting plates can seem like a piece of (wedding) cake, but it’s not without its potential pitfalls. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your plan on track.

Ignoring the Fine Print: Ensure you understand every aspect of the rental agreement before signing. This includes cancellation policies, damage fees, and overtime charges.

Not Ordering Extra Plates: Accidents happen! Always order extra plates to cover unexpected guests or breakages.

Forgetting Other Tableware: Plates are important, but so are glasses, flatware, and linens. Make sure you have all table elements covered.

Neglecting the Theme and Color Scheme: Your plates should blend seamlessly with your decor. Don’t choose designs that clash with your theme or colors.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Renting Plates

Now that you’re familiar with the process, here are some tips to get the most out of your plate rentals.

Match Plates with Decor: Use elements of your decor to inspire your plate selection. For instance, a floral design might pair well with garden-themed weddings.

Achieving Elegance on a Budget: Look for unique, affordable designs that scream elegance without shouting the price. A simple gold-rimmed plate can look just as classy as a more expensive alternative.

Working with Rental Companies: Build a positive relationship with your rental company. Good communication and professionalism can lead to smoother transactions and potential discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting plates can be cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and allows access to a wide range of designs to suit your wedding theme.

Look for reputable companies with positive reviews, fair pricing, and clear rental policies. Always visit their showroom to see the plates in person.

Rustic-themed weddings pair well with earthenware plates or designs with natural motifs.

Research rental companies, visit their showrooms, negotiate the rental terms, place your order, and arrange for pick-up or delivery.

Understand the rental agreement fully, order extra plates, remember to rent other tableware, and ensure the plates match your theme and color scheme.


Renting plates for your wedding doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right approach and attention to detail, it can be a smooth, enjoyable part of your planning process. And when your guests sit down to a beautifully laid table, they’ll appreciate the thought and care that went into every element.

Remember, your wedding is a celebration of love and joy, and every detail, including the plates, contributes to making that celebration uniquely yours. So, here’s to love, laughter, and a happily ever after!

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