Wedding Signs: Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating Nuptial Décor

Weddings are a culmination of dreams, meticulous planning, and a sprinkling of magic. At Ambrosia Events, we believe in the power of the smallest details. One such essential detail is wedding signage. Beyond being a decorative piece, they’re practical navigational tools that infuse character into your big day. The right sign can evoke emotion, guide your guests seamlessly, and even induce a chuckle or two!

Welcome Signs

Imagine setting foot into a venue and being immediately greeted with a sign that embodies the couple’s essence. That’s the power of Welcome Signs.

  • Design Ideas: The choice of material sets the tone. Rustic weddings could opt for reclaimed wood or slate, adorned with twines or wildflowers. On the other hand, mirror signs with golden scripts scream opulence, while acrylic signs with minimalist designs resonate with modern love tales.
  • Placements and Settings: Your welcome sign is like the trailer to a movie. Placing it at the entrance of your venue is a given, but think about elevation, lighting, and accessibility.
  • Recommended Stands: An elegant wooden easel can be a classic choice for indoor venues. For outdoor venues, especially those vulnerable to Mother Nature’s moods, opt for heavier bases or secure the sign with weights for added stability.

Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Nobody likes to get lost, especially in heels or formal shoes. Directional signs are the unsung heroes of smooth event flow.

  • Design Ideas: Keep these signs clear but sprinkle in your personalities. Use arrows creatively, play with fonts, or even add some quirky descriptors like “This way to the I do’s” or “Bar ahead: Hydration station!”
  • Locations: Think of the entire guest journey. From parking to restrooms, from the ceremony spot to the dance floor, make sure your bases are covered.
  • Recommended Stands: Durable freestanding posts for arrows ensure clarity, while sandwich boards or A-frames work well for areas with high foot traffic.

Ceremony Signs

The heart of your wedding deserves signage that tugs at heartstrings.

  • Design Ideas: Use these signs to narrate your love story. A timeline of your journey, quotes that inspired your relationship, or even little anecdotes can add a personal touch.
  • Recommended Stands: A blend of aesthetics and stability is vital. Consider ornate iron tripods or rustic wooden easels that complement your decor.

Reception Signs

The grand fiesta post the solemnities, the reception, is where memories are made and dance-offs are had!

  • Design Ideas: An elaborate seating chart with guest names can be both functional and a decorative masterpiece. Highlight the evening’s menu, especially if you’ve curated a gourmet experience. Don’t forget signs for the bar, the dessert table, or any other special corner like a photo booth or a memory lane with photographs.
  • Recommended Stands: Marble or granite bases add weight and luxury. For tabletops, think ornate golden stands or crystal-clear acrylic ones for a modern touch.

Quote & Decorative Signs

These signs aren’t just about information; they’re about infusing emotion into spaces.

  • Design Ideas: Choose poignant love quotes, lyrics from “your song”, or even snippets from personal letters or moments. Aesthetically, these can range from vintage chalkboards to neon-lit words, depending on your theme.
  • Recommended Stands: Decorative easels, suspended frames, or even signs integrated into floral installations can be both heartwarming and eye-catching.

Hashtag & Social Media Signs

In this digital age, these signs bridge the traditional with the trendy.

  • Design Ideas: Share your unique wedding hashtag, encourage guests to document moments, but also remind them of digital etiquette, ensuring privacy and intimacy aren’t compromised.
  • Recommended Stands: Use illuminated signs or tech-integrated displays that blink or change colors, ensuring they catch everyone’s attention.

Unplugged Signs

Your wedding is a live event, not just an Instagram story. These signs remind guests to be truly present.

  • Design Ideas: A gentle nudge like “We want to see your smiles, not your screens” or “Let’s make memories, not videos” can encourage guests to immerse in the experience.
  • Recommended Stands: Place these prominently at the entrance of your ceremony. Tripods or stands that place the sign at eye level are ideal.

Memorial Signs

Love transcends time and realms. Memorial signs are a beautiful way to honor those watching over you.

  • Design Ideas: Frame old photographs, add candles or fairy lights, and use heartfelt words to remember and cherish loved ones. Create a sacred corner that encourages reflection and gratitude.
  • Recommended Stands: Wooden easels, adorned with flowers or draped fabrics, can add an element of respect and elegance.

Tips on Choosing the Right Stand

welcome to our beginning wooden sign

The right stand is not just about aesthetics; it’s a guardian ensuring signs do their job seamlessly.

  • Weight and Size: Always test the stand with the sign before the big day. For heavier signs, opt for robust materials like iron or even stone bases.
  • Environment: If your venue is outdoors, consider wind, uneven grounds, or other elements. Sandbags or ground pegs can help anchor signs.

DIY Signs: The Personal Touch


  • Unique and Personalized: The most significant selling point of DIY signs is that they can be tailored precisely to your taste. Whether it’s using a special color palette, integrating inside jokes, or adding touches that represent your story, the sky’s the limit.
  • Cost-Effective: If you’re on a tight budget, creating your own signs can be cost-effective. You can repurpose materials, utilize existing craft supplies, or source affordable items from thrift stores.
  • Bonding Activity: Crafting can serve as a bonding activity. Engage your bridal party, your partner, or family members in the creation process. Not only do you get help, but it’s also an opportunity to make memories before the big day.


  • Time-Consuming: Crafting the perfect sign takes time. If you’re juggling many wedding planning tasks or a demanding job, this can add to the stress.
  • Potential Inconsistencies: Without professional equipment, ensuring every sign has the same level of finish or consistency can be tricky. Mistakes might require starting over or settling for imperfections.
  • Durability Concerns: DIY signs, especially if made with less durable materials or without specialized equipment, might be susceptible to wear, tear, or weather-related damage.

Professional Signs: The Polished Choice


  • High-Quality Finish: Professionals have access to top-notch materials, printing methods, and crafting tools. This means each sign will have a polished, clean, and durable finish.
  • Expert Advice: Not sure what materials to use or what design aligns with your theme? Professionals can guide you, ensuring your signs blend seamlessly with your wedding’s aesthetic.
  • Time-Saver: Handing over this task means one less thing on your plate. You can focus on other aspects of wedding planning, knowing your signs are in expert hands.


  • Cost: Quality comes at a price. Depending on the complexity, materials, and the number of signs, professional services might be a significant chunk of your décor budget.
  • Less Personal Input: While many professionals do offer customization options, there might be limitations in terms of design alterations, especially if you’re working with pre-designed templates.
  • Lead Time: Professionals might require you to order well in advance, especially during peak wedding season. Last-minute changes can be challenging or costly.


Each sign at your wedding is a silent narrator, guiding, informing, and evoking emotions. They’re the unsung heroes ensuring your day flows smoothly. So, whether you’re pointing the way to the dance floor or sharing a heartfelt memory, remember, it’s all in the sign!

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