Wedding Items to Rent!

There are a lot of expenses when planning a wedding. There are the “needed“ expenses, such as having a venue, food, music etc. and then there are the  “would love to have” expenses, such as decor, day of coordinator, designer etc..However, there are always ways to get those “would love to have” items by utilizing your budget wisely.

This is where rentals come in.

What should you Rent for your Wedding?

The most crucial factor in deciding whether to purchase something for your Wedding or rent it out is its potential future use. Usually, an item is worth buying if it can be used again. With that in mind, let’s look at the things you can rent out for your big day!

Table Linens and Napkins

On your special day, you want to feel as worry-free as possible. Table linens and napkins are the last things you need to be concerned about because these can be rented out from stylists at a fraction of the price that it would cost you to buy them. Many wedding rentals have them in different colors, textures, and designs. You can always play around with the orientation and placement while picking the ones you want. 

More often than not, the linen and napkin rental aspect also involves tablecloths, skirts, and even chair covers. With so much fabric around, it’s always good to get insurance for stained and damaged products.


Weddings are all about eating, drinking, and being merry! Notice how two of these things can’t be done without proper dinnerware and glasses? That’s exactly what you need to rent out! It’s absolutely nonsensical to buy brand new china sets for a single day. Instead, you can contact your venue for some options. If you don’t like what they have, then you can also check out other rentals for more options. However, do keep in mind that caterers often try to insist that you rent from them, but it’s always good to check out other options.


Wedding decor may seem like it won’t cost you that much, but all the small items can add up to bust your budget in the end. Small things like 15-20 candlesticks, a bunch of glass bowls, and even a flower arch might seem like a good idea to buy, but in the end, you’ll just have to rent out an expensive storage space for them. It’s better to simply rent them out and return them once your event is over.

Dance Floor

The dance floor is quite an important part of the whole ceremony, but it doesn’t really make sense to buy the whole thing. What exactly do you plan to do with it afterward? Then there are the added costs of dressing it up in linens, carpets, or other customized accessories! Things can quickly rack up to bust your bank account. Therefore, it’s better to hire wedding rentals instead of buying the whole thing yourself.


Nothing makes a bigger impact at a wedding than some bombastic lighting! However, investing money to buy your own light-oriented decor can be a short-sighted investment – after all, what will you do with a thousand string lights or that elaborate ceiling chandelier in the end? 

Therefore, it’s better to rent out everything you want from a professional company. They’ll definitely have many more innovative options that you could get for a cheaper price. You might even find the budget to get a neon light sign that you previously couldn’t quite fit into your budget.

Tables & Chairs

There are so many furniture hire companies that already have such a vast collection of themed wedding fittings at their disposal. From vintage to contemporary and everything in between, there’s a huge variety of furniture that you can rent out instead of buying. The great thing about it is that you’re actually recycling and the furniture won’t become redundant after you’ve used it once. 

Moreover, the whole process can be quite fruitful if you can partner with the right rental. They always take the time to sit down with you and discuss the exact theme that you’re going for. Then they pick out the right items from their inventory to suit your vision – all at a reasonable price!

Pro tip: While you’re in the process of renting out tables and chairs, think about renting some lounge furniture as well. These days, it’s trendy for wedding receptions to offer relaxed lounge areas where guests can chill out after a couple of drinks. Think cute couches with contrasting armchairs and coffee tables (all surrounding the themed wedding decor).

Wedding Bars

While most people believe that bars come as a part of the venue, that’s not always the case. You have to hash out some extra cash, which is why it’s more convenient to rent the whole thing out. Many couples tend to go for the “mobile” option, which is easier to manage and can be chosen in multiple styles or themes. Others prefer to rent semi-permanent options from various companies and customize them to suit the interior theme.

That said, you need to be especially cognizant of the location, space, and service. The bar is where a lot of your wedding guests will be congregating, so it needs to be chosen with utmost care.

Portable Bathrooms

Lastly, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, then it’s definitely recommended to rent portable bathrooms. There are lots of options available for mobile bathroom trailers. They start small and cheap but can go on to be as fancy and expensive as your budget can handle. You’ll have to see how many you’ll have to rent depending on your guest list and set-up space.

What You Should Buy For Your Wedding

Now that we’ve looked at all the things that you can rent for your wedding, now it’s time to look at everything you should buy. Let’s take a look:


Renting wedding decor is all well and good, but investing in custom signage is definitely one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You see, this signage is all about setting the ambiance on point! It’s an absolute essential that will set your event apart. Moreover, you can always have some of the bigger posts framed as a memento of your special day!

welcome to our beginning wooden sign
bridesmaids holding flowers at wedding rehearsal


Cheap wedding rentals tend to offer fake flowers as decor, but it’s always good to invest in real ones for your big day. Flowers are a key part of the whole wedding theme – they set the tone of the event venue and contribute to the overall ambiance. Moreover, many couples use them to articulate certain themes or meanings. For example, Gerbera’s represent bold uniqueness while orchids can symbolize refinement and sophistication. Plus, it’s all about articulating your personal taste. 

Dress & Tux

Ah, the wedding outfits. Having a special dress for your special day is what every bride and groom aims for. Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense to rent it out. Plus, there’s always the added worry of not finding a rental that fits perfectly. It’s better to just get a dress/tux that would make you feel unique and remarkable while you’re tying the knot!

Pro tip: Aside from the dress, it’s best to buy your jewelry and shoes as well. You won’t feel completely yourself unless everything is customized to perfection (at least dress-wise).

Tieing it Up!

Weddings can be really expensive, but you only get married once, so it’s a great opportunity to splurge. However, it’s important that you understand which items are worth spending on and vice versa. So, always take the time to see what can be rented out at a cheaper rate while still keeping your event as fresh, individualistic, and customized as possible. We hope this guide helps you achieve just that!

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