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Will Weddings Ever Go Back to Normal? Expert Predictions for Events in a Post-COVID World

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Much has changed since the onset of the global pandemic, especially how we celebrate momentous occasions in life, from birthday gatherings and holiday get-togethers to religious milestones such as christenings and bar mitzvahs. But one of the events to be hit hardest on a global scale is undoubtedly weddings.

“Over the better part of the last year, weddings have taken a shift to smaller, more intimate celebrations, and the celebration itself has been reimagined by couples with a focus on safety and consideration for the health of their friends and loved ones first,” explains Valerie Gernhauser, New Orleans-based wedding planner and owner of Sapphire Events. “Everything about the way weddings once were has been affected, from food and service to live music and dancing—even the contents of welcome gifts for out-of-town guests has shifted to accommodate to the expectations of what is ultimately safe.”

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